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March 23, 2003
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Tuff with tufts- Monicah Lisa by eefilness Tuff with tufts- Monicah Lisa by eefilness
~*~ Please view in full for the details. Sanku! ~*~

-- Mer, I screwed up whilst editing and the picture gets an error now ¬_¬ *Stupid at self* So I have to re-upload. Fudge.. please, everyone who commented on the first upload.. do me a favor and let yer thoughts be known once again?? {:3 Please? Sankuuu! --

Gift for one of my best RL buddies, Monique! ("Monicaaah" ^^) w00t! She’ll turn 18 Wednesday :) (Smile) She’s been asking me if I could draw her something since forever and I felt sorta bad for never doing so n_n; So here she is! I hope she’ll like it :3 She loves cats and the colours purple and blue (obviously XD ), that’s why I drew her like this ^_^

Monique’s actually not so much of the tough gurl, in fact she’s rather sweet, someone one can joke around with. Lots LOL But.. seeing as my gallery’s already full of that crap, I thought I’d try something different ;3 She still looks cute, doesn’t she? *_* Roar! Damn my style to hell and back! *shakes fist at cutesie w00tsie style* XD

More random notesies:

- Her arms have the same markings as the tip of her tail.. purple till halfway, then a bit white, and a bit more purple. But I thought the slipping jacket thinger would be sorta cool ;3
- The background SUCKS O_o
- Her mouth looks weird..
- That mouse plushie is usually hanging from her bag ^_^;; I hate the goddamn thing.. I tend to use it for voodoo practices }:3
- If she'd been a white cat she would have looked a lot like Manuella! LOL! LOL
- Isn't this picture MUCH cooler than the Mona Lisa? I mean, dude! Monicah Lisa! rofl
- Yum, details ^_^
- And now Eef is off to bed!

Monique © Me. Cos I say so.
Media: Painter 7 & Photoshop Elements. Inked in openCanvas.
Background photo: [link]
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shen-chan Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2003
this ish cool :3
msh Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2003
o.o I LOVE the little mousey keychain n_n The little accessories and knick-knacks make this picture great :D (Big Grin) DDD
randiradio Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2003
I love the coloring, that's a pretty shade of purple!!! That bckgnd is cool...makes the pic look like a greeting card.
madeline-marie Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2003
Cuuuuu~te... I LOVE her markings! They're purr~ple. x3
lazzydragon Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2003
I love the colors. Her fur is great. Very impressive. Cute bubble.
alphaleo14 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2003
wow, your skills have greatly improved. the syle, drawing, coloring and composing background. great work, keep it up.
twira Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2003
This is really pretty! I love the coloring, and I *love* the way you did the pants... I wish I could do pants like that but I can't figure out how to! o_O I stupid. X3 But anyways, this is really pretty, yes.
sonicelectronic Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2003  Professional Filmographer
whoo~ i think it rocks, eef. it looks so funky. i love th colorus; you did an excellent job on this 'un,
bliss-greycloud Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2003
I don't believe I've ever seen a furry making a bubble with gum before. o.o

Heh, awesome pic overall. Personally, I think the background looks great. It does not SUCK, it looks COOL. ^_^

PoliteYetPeculiar Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
Lovely work! She seems so natural, so relaxed. And the anatomy is worked out so very well. w00t w00t for shibby textures! I really like this. +fav
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